World Final 2013 Winners

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 World Final, which took place in London, 15-18 October at the first London Salon du Chocolat. The World Final judged the best of the best – Gold and Silver winners and Finalist nominations from over xxx products entered into the European and Americas Semi-finals and the Israeli, Italian and Canadian national competitions.The International Chocolate Awards was set up to recognise the best fine quality chocolate from around the world. The awards are designed to reflect international tastes and offer a level playing field for international entries. The judging panel is made up of experts, food journalists and pastry chefs from the host country, overseen by a Grand Jury who travel to each competition.


The categories, which range from origin bars to filled chocolates to spreads, are designed to reflect the current chocolate industry. Prizes are separated according to category, with just one Gold awarded in each category and a number of Silver awards available.For the bar categories we have also given awards for Directly Traded, Organic and Chocolate Maker. In the World Final only, we have also given an award for the best cacao source, to go to the farmer, cooperative or locality providing the best named source cacao.The Winners of the World Finals 2013 are:


Bars – Dark plain/origin bars

Overall winners

GOLD: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – 70% Piura-Quemazon

SILVER:  Patric Chocolate (United States) – Piura 67%

SILVER: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  – Raw 70% Cacao

SILVER:  Patric Chocolate (United States) – Madagascar 67%

SILVER: Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Juliana

SILVER: Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Nicaliso 70%

Special awards

GOLD – Chocolate Maker: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – 70% Piura-Quemazon

GOLD – Growing Country Chocolate: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – 70% Piura-Quemazon

GOLD – Directly Traded Cacao: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – 70% Piura-Quemazon

GOLD – Organic: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – 70% Piura-Quemazon

Bars – Milk plain/origin bars

Overall winners

GOLD: Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Dark Milk 55%

SILVER: Red Star Chocolate Ltd. (United Kingdom) – Venezuela Ocumare 55% Milk

Bars – White plain/origin bars

Overall winners

GOLD: Chocolates El Rey, C.A. (Venezuela) – Icoa

SILVER: Fruition Chocolate (United States) – Toasted White Chocolate

Special awards

GOLD – Growing Country Chocolate: Chocolates El Rey, C.A. (Venezuela) – Icoa

Bars – Flavoured dark chocolate

GOLD (filled): Clement Chococult (Germany) – Gefüllte Whiskyschokolade

GOLD (inclusions): Pâtissier es koyama (Japan) – Manganji-Temple Green Pepper & Almond Praline

SILVER:  Wild Sweets by Dominique & Cindy Duby  (Canada) – Fig Walnut Fennel – Certified Organic

SILVER:  Gardini (Italy) – Fondente al Caffè Cardamomo

Bars – Flavoured milk chocolate

GOLD: Pâtissier es koyama (Japan) – Daitokuji-Temple Natto

SILVER:  Rococo Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Organic Milk Chocolate Bar with Salted Caramelised Almonds and Rosemary

SILVER:  Slitti (Italy) – CaffèLatte

Bars – Flavoured white chocolate

GOLD: Rococo Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Organic White Chocolate & Cardamom Bar

SILVER: BETA% (Canada) – Black Olive Bar

SILVER: Pâtissier es koyama (Japan) – Raspberry & Lychee

SILVER: Forte Chocolates (United States) – Rosemary Sea Salt Bar

Filled chocolates – unflavoured dark

Unflavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

GOLD: Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Raw Ecuadorian 85%  dark chocolate truffle

SILVER: Sweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates & Confections (Canada) – Pure Nacional

SILVER: Christophe Morel Chocolatier (Canada) – Palet Or pure Chuao

Unflavoured dark – Nut based pralines

(No flavour other than nut)

GOLD: A Giordano (Italy) – Giacometta

Unflavoured dark – Gianduiotto

GOLD: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Giandujotti

SILVER: A Giordano (Italy) – Gianduiotti a mano

Filled chocolates – flavoured dark

Flavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

GOLD: BETA5 (Canada) – Fisherman’s Friend

SILVER: Sweet Lollapalooza Fine Chocolates & Confections (Canada) – Raspberry Noir

SILVER: Ika Chocolate (Israel) – Earl Grey Fleurs Bleus

SILVER: Slitti (Italy) – Passion Fruit

SILVER: BETA5 (Canada) – The Whole Cherry

Flavoured dark – Nut based pralines and gianduja, enrobed whole nuts

GOLD: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Pralina Cannella e Calendula

SILVER: Rococo Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Salted Chocolate Toffee & Crunchy Praline

SILVER: Christophe Morel Chocolatier (Canada) – Coriander and Orange Praline

Flavoured dark – Caramels

(Including plain caramels)

GOLD: Paul A Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Sea Salted Caramel

SILVER: Rococo Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Kalamansi Lime Caramel

SILVER: Rococo Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Passion Fruit and Rosemary Caramel

SILVER: Lillie Belle Farms (United States) – Lavender Sea Salt Caramel

Fruit pastes, jellies/gelée, enrobed whole fruits

No awards given

Filled chocolates – milk (flavoured or unflavoured)

Milk – Ganaches and truffles

GOLD: Pâtissier es koyama (Japan) – Nanko Ume Plum & Almond Praline

SILVER: Pasticceria l’Antica di Ernst Knam (Italy) – Oltre

SILVER: Christophe Morel Chocolatier (Canada) – Palet Argent Kayambe

Milk – Nut based pralines and gianduja


GOLD: FIKA choklad (United States) – Quinoa Hazelnut

SILVER: Christophe Morel Chocolatier (Canada) – Pecan Pie


GOLD: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Pralina Pistacchio Ripieno


GOLD: L’Artigiano dei f.lli Gardini snc  (Italy) – Cremino liquerizia

SILVER: L’Artigiano dei f.lli Gardini snc  (Italy) – Cremino amarena

Milk – Enrobed whole fruits or nuts

SILVER: Dolci Libertà (Italy) – Dragee Whole Piedmonte IGP Hazelnut covered with Milk Chocolate

Milk – Caramels

(Iincluding plain caramels)

GOLD: Centho-Chocolates (Belgium) – Salin

SILVER: Chuao Chocolatier (United States) – Rosemary Salt Caramel

White – Ganaches and truffles

GOLD: MoRoCo Chocolat (Canada) – SubLime

SILVER: MoRoCo Chocolat (Canada) Fujian

Mixed dark, milk or white – Ganaches and truffles

GOLD: Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates (United Kingdom) – Passion Fruit Curd

SILVER: Forte Chocolates (United States) – Lemon Pepper Butter Truffle

SILVER: L.A. Burdick (United States) – White Chocolate Mouse

SILVER: FIKA choklad (United States) – Goat Cheese Truffle

SILVER: Pâtissier es koyama (Japan) – Laphroaig 10 Year Old Whisky & Raspberry


Spreads with dark chocolate

GOLD: Guido Castagna (Italy) – Crema di Nocciole 55+

SILVER: Coppeneur (Germany) – Cru de Cao Canapé Créme nuts Praliné

Spreads with milk chocolate

GOLD: Pasticceria Vacchieri Marco-Dolci Intuizioni (Italy) – Crema Gianduia

SILVER: Slitti (Italy) – Riccosa