Scandinavian Competition 2017 – Grand Jury Finalists

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the Scandinavian Competition which was judged in Copenhagen, Denmark from 2-5 May 2017.

The judges were drawn from local experts, food journalists and pastry chefs and members of our permanent international Grand Jury and guest judges.

The Grand Jury Finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, following an initial technical Selection round and two days of Main round judging. The Finalists are the nominations from which the Grand Jury select the prize winners, through private voting. The Grand Jury follow strict rules, which you can read here (PDF).

While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, it does not necessarily indicate that the entry received a prize.

The 2017 Scandinavian Finalists are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Flavoured bars

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) - Barba sea salt

Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Vintage Plantations Chocolates (Sweden) - Vintage Plantations 65% with Angelica
XOCO by Corina (Norway) - 75% dark juniper and blue berries
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) - Dark Nibs
Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) - Pecan Cherry Bar

Milk chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Omnom Chocolate (Iceland) - Sea Salted Almonds + Milk
Malmö Chokladfabrik (Sweden) - Malmö Chokladfabrik Liquorice & Sea Salt (Lakrits & Havssalt)
Friis-Holm Chokolade (Denmark) - Milk Nuts

Flavoured white chocolate bars

Omnom Chocolate (Iceland) - Lakkrís + Sea Salt
Omnom Chocolate (Iceland) - Coffee + Milk

Ganaches, palets, ganache pralines and truffles

Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

Sylvain Marron Chocolatier Pâtissier (Sweden) - madagascar
Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) - arctic o'payo

Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

Mercedes Chocolaterie (Finland) - Fusion (Ljung honey and Sansho praline)
Chokladfabriken (Sweden) - Cardamom
Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) - vinmarksfersken ganache

Flavoured ganaches or truffles with combination coating or filling

Jentene på Tunet – Chocolatier (Norway) - Sjokoladefryd - Caramel & almond
Jentene på Tunet – Chocolatier (Norway) - Sjokoladefryd - Liquorice
Mercedes Chocolaterie (Finland) - Åland meets Venezuela (Sea Buckthorn praline)
Cacaofoni (Sweden) - Salty liquorice
Cacaofoni (Sweden) - Rose rosé
Cacaofoni (Sweden) - Hemp grapefruit
Chocolatte (Sweden) - Coffee 2.0
Chocolatte (Sweden) - Cherry/raspberry balsamico
Sylvain Marron Chocolatier Pâtissier (Sweden) - sudachi
Geiranger Sjokolade (Norway) - Vesterås-Brunost , Browncheese
Geiranger Sjokolade (Norway) - KINN - Øl, Beer
Choco Chocolate Sweden (Sweden) - Liquorice and lemon


Nut based pralines with dark chocolate

Chocolatte (Sweden) - Creamy dreamy hazelnut

Dark chocolate enrobed marzipan

Geiranger Sjokolade (Norway) - Cruise -Norsk Akevitt , Norwegian Aquavit


Dark chocolate enrobed caramels

Nordic Chocolatiers (Denmark) - muscovado caramel

Milk chocolate enrobed caramels

Chokladfabriken (Sweden) - Salted caramel
Choco Chocolate Sweden (Sweden) - Citrus and liquorice caramel