Italian National Competition 2013 – Winners

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Italian National Competition, which was judged  in Florence, Italy, 20-23 February 2013 at Malaspina Centro Congressi ( and with the help of our other sponsors. The judges were impressed with the high quality of this year’s entries and the overall improvement in many categories, giving an even better standard than last year.

The International Chocolate Awards aim to recognise the best fine quality chocolate from around the world. The awards are designed to reflect international tastes and offer a level playing field for international entries. The judging panel is made up of experts, food journalists, sommeliers and pastry chefs from the host country and is overseen by members of our international Grand Jury, who travel to each competition.


The categories, which range from flavoured bars to filled chocolates to spreads, are designed to reflect trends in the current chocolate industry. Prizes are given according to category, with just one Gold awarded in each category and a number of Silver awards available at the discretion of the Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury can also nominate outstanding products that didn’t quite make an award to go forward as World Finalists. These products qualify to go forward to the World Final in October 2013 in London, along with the Gold and Silver medal winners.


The Winners and World Finalists of the 2013 Italian National Competition are:


Bars – Flavoured dark chocolate

GOLD: Gardini – Fondente al caffè e cardamomo  (Coffee and cardamom)

SILVER: de Bondt – Gelsomino (Jasmin)

Bars – Stoneground ‘Alla pietra’ dark chocolate, flavoured or unflavoured

GOLD: Donna Elvira – Cioccolata Modicana Al Sale Mirroir Della Bolivia (Modican chocolate with Mirroir Bolivian Salt)

SILVER: Donna Elvira – Cioccolata Modicana Vaniglia (Modican chocolate with vanilla)

Bars – Flavoured milk chocolate

GOLD: Domori – Lattesal (with salt)

SILVER: Slitti – CaffèLatte


Filled chocolates – unflavoured dark

Unflavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

GOLD: Torta Pistocchi Firenze – Tartufo Classico Fondente (Classic Chocolate Truffle)

Unflavoured dark – Nut pralines

GOLD: A Giordano – Giacometta (Giacometta handmade)

Unflavoured dark – Gianduiotto

GOLD: A Giordano – Gianduiotto A Mano (Gianduiotto Handmade )

NOMINATION: Guido Castagna – Giandujotto


Filled chocolates – flavoured dark

Flavoured dark – Ganaches and truffles

GOLD: Dolci Libertà – Tartufo alla Grappa di Moscato (Truffle with Grappa di Moscato)

SILVER: Slitti – Pepe di Penja (Penja pepper)

SILVER: Slitti – Frutto della passione (Passion Fruit)

SILVER: Luca Mannori – Ganache fondente al lampone (Dark chocolate raspberry ganache)

SILVER: Dolci Libertà – Tartufo con Barolo Chinato (Truffle with Barolo Chinato)

Nut based pralines and gianduja, enrobed whole nuts

GOLD: Guido Castagna – Pralina cannella e calendula (Cinnamon marigold praline)

Flavoured dark – Caramels

(Including unflavoured)

NOMINATION: Pasticceria l’Antica di Ernst Knam – Caramello salato (Salted caramel)

Fruit pastes, jellies/gelée, enrobed whole fruits

No awards given


Filled chocolates – milk (flavoured or unflavoured)

Milk – Ganaches and truffles

SILVER: Luca Mannori – Ganache al latte e al tè Earl Grey (Milk ganache with Earl Grey tea)

NOMINATION: Pasticceria l’Antica di Ernst Knam – OLTRE – Ganache al mango e pepe rosa e gelatina di frutto della passione (Mango ganache, passion fruit gelatine and pink pepper ganache)

Milk – Nut based pralines and gianduja


No awards given


No awards given


NOMINATION: Guido Castagna – Cremino Nocciola e Pistacchio (Hazelnut and Pistachio Cremino)


GOLD: Gardini – Cremino liquerizia (Liquorice cremino)

SILVER: Gardini – Cremino amarena (Sour Cherry cremino)

Fruit pastes, jellies/gelée, enrobed whole fruits

GOLD: Dolci Libertà – Dragee con nocciole Piemonte IGP ricoperti con cioccolato al latte (Dragee whole Piemonte IGP hazelnut covered with milk chocolate)



Spreads with dark chocolate

GOLD: Slitti – Gianera –  Gianduia fondente (Dark gianduia spread)

NOMINATION: Guido Castagna – Crema di nocciole +55 (Hazelnut dark chocolate spread +55)

Spreads with milk chocolate

NOMINATION: Pasticceria Vacchieri Marco – Dolci intuizioni – Crema gianduia (Milk gianduia spread)

NOMINATION: Slitti – Riccosa – Gianduia (Milk gianduia spread)