Hot Chocolate Winners – First trial edition – 2014

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Winners of our very first trial edition Hot Chocolate Competition, which were judged at, during the first Hannover Chocolate Festival in Germany, 12 September 2014.

The International Chocolate Awards judges origin bars and filled chocolates, were finished products are presented to our judges and Grand Jury for tasting and assessment.

Hot Chocolate is a little different though, as each submitted entry must be individually prepared, making the judging much more of a culinary exercise than a straightforward tasting.


To make the judging as close as possible to a consumer experience, we asked each company to provide their standard recipe for each of their entries and we had a chef on hand to prepare each recipe, whether they were with milk, water, boiled, whisked, sprinkled, blended or any other variation.

The samples were then tasted by our small Grand Jury panel in a single round of judging. We thank all the entrants for helping to make this first competition possible and look forward to expanded regional and world competitions next year.


The Winners of the Chocolate Competition – First Trial Edition 2014 are:

Dark Hot Chocolate

Made with Milk

GOLD: Jaz & Jul’s (UK) – Cinnamon Rose hot chocolate

SILVER: Idilio (Switzerland) – Idilio Trinkschokolade

BRONZE: Torta Pistocchi Firenze (Italy) – Classic Hot Chocolate Mix

BRONZE: Confiserie Simon (Germany) – Dunkle Maracaibo 66 %

BRONZE: Mezzo Chocolate (United States) – Mezzo Orange Guajillo Drinking Chocolate

Made with Water

GOLD: Donna Elvira (Italy) – Cioccolata Modicana Cannella

Milk Hot chocolate

SILVER: Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier (UK) – Velvet Truffle Hot Chocolate

SILVER: Spiegel Pralinenmanufaktur (Austria) – Venezuela 43%

Cacao Infusions/Cocoa Tea

GOLD: Duffy’s Red Star Chocolate (Sweden) – Duffy’s Panama Cocoa Tea