German/Austrian/Swiss 2017 – Grand Jury Finalists

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the German, Austrian and Swiss Competition (DACH), The competition was held for the fourth time from 15-18 June 2017, with our regional partner, in Hannover, Germany.

The judging panel was made up of pastry chefs, journalists, restaurant reviewers, bloggers, culinary educators and chefs, as well as members of our Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury Finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, following an initial technical Selection round and two days of Main round judging. The Finalists are the nominations from which the Grand Jury select the prize winners, through private voting. The Grand Jury follow strict rules, which you can read here (PDF).

While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, it does not necessarily indicate that the entry will receive a prize.

The 2017 German/Austrian/Swiss Grand Jury Finalists are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Flavoured bars

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

Belyzium (Germany) - Winterfest
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Kardamom

Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Belyzium (Germany) - Kirsche
Schokov (Austria) - Schokov Organic "No10 Wacholder & Tanne"
Schokov (Austria) - Schokov Organic "No9 Superfoods"
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Theobroma Cacao
Kilian & Close (Germany) - 72% Sizilianische Mandel & Schwarze Rosine

Dark chocolate bars with a filling

Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Lemon bar
Clement (Germany) - Clement Single Malt Whisky Chocolate

Milk chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

Schell Schokoladen (Germany) - Umami Papua

Milk chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Pralinenwahnsinn (Germany) - Ingwer-Schokolade
Daja Chocolate (Germany) - Erdnuss-Salz Tafel
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) - Vollmilch 35%/ Trüffelsalz
Kilian & Close (Germany) - 52 % Noix Du Perígord

Milk chocolate bars with a filling

Clement (Germany) - Clement Jamaika Rum Chocolate

Flavoured white chocolate bars

Pralinenwahnsinn (Germany) - Erdbeerschokolade
Schell Schokoladen (Germany) - Blanche Safran Curry
Evers & Tochter Manufaktur (Germany) - weiße Schokolade/ Grüner Tee
Kilian & Close (Germany) - 30% Pistacchio Di Bronte
Kilian & Close (Germany) - Café del Valles Inambari

Ganaches, palets, ganache pralines and truffles

Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

Andreas Muschler (Germany) - ´Emelie´

Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Fresh Lemon
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Dirndl
Andreas Muschler (Germany) - ´ INES ´
Daja Chocolate (Germany) - Chocolate meets Rum

Flavoured milk chocolate ganaches or truffles

Pralinenwahnsinn (Germany) - Fruchtige Rumpralinen mit Ron Zacapa, 23 Jahre
Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - Lady Killer
Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - B 54
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Kren Chili
Andreas Muschler (Germany) - ´Mogador´

Flavoured white chocolate ganaches or truffles

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - Amalfi

Flavoured ganaches or truffles with combination coating or filling

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - Bündner Baumnusstorten-Praline
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Gin Wacholder
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Hanf Ingwer
Andreas Muschler (Germany) - ´Vitus´
Andreas Muschler (Germany) - ´Sophie´
Andreas Muschler (Germany) - ´Coco´
Daja Chocolate (Germany) - CaPa


Nut based pralines with dark chocolate

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - Pave "Terra Nobile"
Zart Pralinen Chocolate Makers (Austria) - Kürbis Karamell
Das Bernsteinzimmer (Germany) - Edelnougat & Arriba-Nibs

Dark chocolate enrobed marzipan

Sawade Berlin (Germany) - Königin Luise Praline

Nut based pralines with milk chocolate

Pralinenwahnsinn (Germany) - Sesam-Gianduja
Das Bernsteinzimmer (Germany) - Mandelnougat Marrakech

Milk chocolate gianduiotto or cremino

Pralinenwahnsinn (Germany) - Haselnuss-Gianduja


Dark chocolate enrobed caramels

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - Caramello "Ingwer Limette"
Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - Caramello "Himalaya Salz"

Milk chocolate enrobed caramels

Casa Nobile (Switzerland) - Alpenkräuter-Karamell mit Baumnüssen
Andreas Muschler (Germany) - ´caramel y sel´

Others - fruit/sugar/butter/cream/misc

Dark chocolate enrobed whole fruit

Andreas Muschler (Germany) - Orangeatstäbchen