Americas Semi-final 2013 Presentation List

Merit Awards

Gary Guittard

Outstanding Service to the Fine Chocolate Industry – for unique and generous behind the scenes support for fine cacao projects. 

Cynthia Leung and David Castellan, SoMA:

Bean to Chocolatier Award – for industry leading integrated Bean to Bar Factory and Boutique Chocolate Retail Operation

Sunita de Tourreil, Chocolate Garage

Innovative Chocolate Marketing – for unique and creative support for US craft chocolate makers

Harold Schmitz, Senior Science Officer, Mars

Research Award – for outstanding contribution to health research in cacao

Edmond Brown of Grenada Chocolate Company

Mott Green Memorial Award for Sustainable Cacao Cooperatives – the honorary first award recognises the work of Edmond Brown in helping to create a model that takes cacao farmers beyond a commodity, adding value through producing finished products.

Fran Bigelow

Women in Chocolate – for her work as a veteran chocolatier, leading the way for women working in fine chocolate

Rizek Cacao CxA

Cacao Quality Award – for their outstanding service to cacao quality and post harvest techniques in the Dominican Republic