Americas Semi-final 2013 Merit Awards

Merit Awards recognise exceptional service or contributions to the fine chocolate World and are chosen by the regional or national partner of each competition in conjunction with the Awards organisers.

Outstanding Service to the Fine Chocolate Industry

Gary Guittard

For unique and generous behind the scenes support for fine cacao projects.

Bean to Chocolatier Award

Cynthia Leung and David Castellan, SoMA chocolatemaker

For industry leading integrated Bean to Bar Factory and Boutique Chocolate Retail Operation.

Innovative Chocolate Marketing

Sunita de Tourreil, Chocolate Garage

For unique and creative support for US craft chocolate makers.

Research Award

Harold Schmitz, Senior Science Officer, Mars

For outstanding contribution to health research in cacao

Women in Chocolate

Fran Bigelow

For her work as a veteran chocolatier, leading the way for women working in fine chocolate

Cacao Quality Award

Rizek Cacao CxA

For their outstanding service to cacao quality and post harvest techniques in the Dominican Republic.

Mott Green Memorial Award for Sustainable Cacao Cooperatives

Edmond Brown of Grenada Chocolate Company

The honorary first award recognises the work of Edmond Brown in helping to create a model that takes cacao farmers beyond a commodity, adding value through producing finished cacao/chocolate products.

For 2014 the International Chocolate Awards will take applications and recommendations for small cacao cooperatives helping to make a difference in their community through cacao quality and creating value added products such as cocoa liquor or finished chocolate.