Americas and Asia-Pacific Competition 2016 – Grand Jury Finalists

The International Chocolate Awards is pleased to announce the Grand Jury Finalists of the 2016 Americas Competition, which was judged in New Jersey, 14-19 May 2016.

The judging panel included judges from Europe, Japan, South America and the USA and members of our international Grand Jury panel.

The Grand Jury Finalists are the entries that made it through to the final Grand Jury round, following an initial technical Selection round and four days of Main round judging. The Finalists are the nominations from which the Grand Jury select the prize winners, through private voting. The Grand Jury follow strict rules, which you can read here (PDF).

While listing as a Grand Jury Finalist is an achievement in itself, it does not necessarily indicate that the entry will receive a prize.

Winners will be announced 27th June, with details of an Awards party to follow.

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The 2016 Americas Competition Grand Jury Finalists are:

(In alphabetical order within each category)

Plain/origin bars

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Nugali (Brazil) - Dark Chocolate Serra do Conduru (80% cocoa)
Raaka Chocolate (United States) - East African Blend
Chocolates El Rey (Venezuela) - Le Grand Cru San Joaquin Private Reserve Premium Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao
TAKAL CHOCOLATE (Ecuador) - Single Origin 70% Bar
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) - Wild Bolivia
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) - Heirloom Costa Rica
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) - Maranon 76%
Meiji (Japan) - Elegant Bitter
Rogue Chocolatier (United States) - Tranquilidad
Rogue Chocolatier (United States) - La Masica
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (United States) - 70% Guatemala, Lanquin
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (United States) - 76% Ecuador, Camino Verde
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (United States) - 72% Belize, Toledo
Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate (United States) - 70% Bolivia, Alto Beni
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Tutu Iku 70%
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Montubia 70%
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Lacumbia 70%
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Piura 70%
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Esmeraldas 60%
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Los Rios 72%
Amano Chocolate Company (United States) - Chuao Village
Amano Chocolate Company (United States) - Ocumare Village
Amano Chocolate Company (United States) - Dos Rios
Marou - Faiseurs de Chocolat (Vietnam) - Dong Nai 72% Pod-to-Bar
Cacaosuyo (Peru) - Piura Select
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - Porcelana 70%
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - CSB Chama 70%
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - St Thomas Parish
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - Tien Gang 70%
Maraná (Peru) - Chocolate Bitter al 70% Origen Cusco
Maraná (Peru) - Chocolate Bitter al 70% Origen Piura
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - Oko Caribe vs Camino Verde 62%

Micro-batch - Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Sirene (Canada) - Esmeraldas 73%
Wolter (Mexico) - Quetzalli Antiguo 70%
The Smooth Chocolator (Australia) - Madagascar
Millcreek Cacao Roasters (United States) - 70% Pure Arriba Dark Chocolate Bar
Chocotenango (United States) - 73% cacao
The Australian Chocolate Farm (Australia) - 62.5% Smooth Dark
The Australian Chocolate Farm (Australia) - 73% Classic Dark
The Roasting Masters (South Korea) - Maleku
Brasstown Chocolate (United States) - Venezuelan Guasare 70%
Brasstown Chocolate (United States) - Nicaragua O'Payo 70%
Brasstown Chocolate (United States) - Belize 70%
Creo Chocolate (United States) - Purely Dark 73%, Heirloom Arriba Nacional
Palette de Bine (Canada) - Haïti 70%
LetterPress Chocolate (United States) - Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Castronovo Chocolate (United States) - Maya Mountain Villages, Belize 72%
Castronovo Chocolate (United States) - Rare Cacao Collection - Amazonas 72%
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada) - Reserva Zorzal 70%
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada) - Alta Verapaz 70%
Shattell Chocolate (Peru) - Tarapoto 70% cacao
Animas Chocolate Company (United States) - Highline Bar - Bolivia
Domenico (Peru) - Domenico Gran Reserva, Fruity Notes
Terroir Chocolate (United States) - Wild Bolivia
Terroir Chocolate (United States) - Guatemala
Terroir Chocolate (United States) - Finca Elvesia
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) - Sierra Nevada 64%
Zak's Chocolate (United States) - 70 % Dark Single Origin Peru San Martin Region

High % plain/origin dark chocolate bars (85% and over)

The Australian Chocolate Farm (Australia) - 85% Pure Darkness
Creo Chocolate (United States) - Ecuador 85% cacao
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada) - Hispaniola 85%
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - Arcana
Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii (United States) - 85% Esmereldas, Ecuador
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - Crazy 88

Rough ground/textured plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) - Fruity Berry-Like, Vietnam
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) - Fruity Berry-Like, Colombia
Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate (Japan) - Savory Floral Bolivia

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars made with alternative natural sugar

Starchild Chocolate (United States) - Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili
Starchild Chocolate (United States) - Dominican Republic, Hispaniola
Starchild Chocolate (United States) - Nicaragua, Rio Tuma
Endorfin Foods (United States) - Single Origin Dominican Republic - 80%
Palette de Bine (Canada) - "Bine à l'érable" Wild Harvest Bolivie
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker (Canada) - Maple

Plain/origin milk chocolate bars

Chocolates El Rey (Venezuela) - Caoba Milk Chocolate 41%
Chocolates El Rey (Venezuela) - 85th Anniversary Special Edition
República del Cacao (Ecuador) - Republica del Cacao Andes Pure Milk
Daito Cacao (Japan) - Hokkaido Rich Milk 41%
Harper Macaw (United States) - 52% Milk Blend
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) - Marañón Milk
Meiji (Japan) - Velvet Milk
Meiji (Japan) - Sunny Milk
Meiji (Japan) - Dark Milk Chocolate of Deep Fruity Cacao
Meiji (Japan) - Dark Milk Chocolate of Floral Cacao
Meiji (Japan) - Dark Milk Chocolate of Light Floral Cacao
Meiji (Japan) - Sunny Milk Cacao 57%
Marou - Faiseurs de Chocolat (Vietnam) - Coconut Milk Ben Tre 58%
TCHO (United States) - Classic Milk 39%
TCHO (United States) - Cacao Milk 53%
Cacaosuyo (Peru) - Piura Milk
Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - Milk Chocolate : Fazenda Boa Vista

Micro-batch - Plain/origin milk chocolate bars

Sirene (Canada) - Lachua Dark Milk
Chocotenango (United States) - 50% Milk chocolate
Cacao Kenkyusho (Japan) - Milk chocolate
Sirene (Canada) - Sambirano Dark Milk
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) - Madagascar Milk
Castronovo Chocolate (United States) - Rare Cacao Collection - Sierra Nevada, Colombia Dark Milk 63%
Castronovo Chocolate (United States) - Dominican Republic Dark Milk 55%
Charm School Chocolate (United States) - Coconut Milk Chocolate
Cacao Hunters (Colombia) - Tumaco Leche 53%
Zak's Chocolate (United States) - 55% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

Rough ground/textured plain/origin milk chocolate bars

Soma Chocolatemaker (Canada) - Old School Milk Chuao

Plain/origin white chocolate bars

Chocolates El Rey (Venezuela) - Carenero Superior ICOA White Chocolate, 34% Cacao
Cacao Kenkyusho (Japan) - white chocolate
Daito Cacao (Japan) - Hokkaido Pure White

Flavoured bars

Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

Millcreek Cacao Roasters (United States) - 70% Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar
Askinosie Chocolate (United States) - 77% Whiskey Dark Chocolate
Brasstown Chocolate (United States) - Sea Salt 62%
Hoja Verde (Ecuador) - 58% Dark chocolate with roses and lemon
Vanillabeans (Japan) - Tablette Chocolat -Yuzu-
Vanillabeans (Japan) - Tablette Chocolat -Cinnamon-
Vanillabeans (Japan) - Tablette Chocolat -Vanilla Beans-
Millcreek Cacao Roasters (United States) - High West Whiskey Bars
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Maca 70% with Coconut Sugar
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Lemon Verbena
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Andean Rose
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Passion Fruit 60%
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Andean Mint
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Lemongrass
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Guayusa

Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Mashpi Chocolate Artesanal (Ecuador) - Organic chocolate bar at 70% with cacao nibs
Fu Wan Chocolate (Taiwan) - Fuwan Pocket Chocolate Bars - 70% Lychee Chocolate
Hoja Verde (Ecuador) - 58% Organic dark chocolate with quinoa
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) - Revolution
Delysia Chocolatier (United States) - Ghost pepper chocolate bark
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) - Red-Miso
Vivra Chocolate (United States) - English Garden Bar
es koyama (Japan) - Triple Cacao - cacao fruits, cacao nib and chocolate (Tumaco 66%)
Xocolatl de Davíd (United States) - Orangette Bar
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Salt & Nibs 70% with Coconut Sugar
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Chia & Ginger
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Coffee
Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Salt & Nibs 60%
Domenico (Peru) - Domenico Gran Reserva, Pink Salt
Amano Chocolate Company (United States) - Raspberry Rose
Amano Chocolate Company (United States) - Cardamom Black Pepper
TCHO (United States) - Mint Chip Gelato
Cacaosuyo (Peru) - Piura Nibs
Xocolatl de Davíd (United States) - Miso Bar

Dark chocolate bars with a filling

Chocotenango (United States) - Chili Caramel
Mashpi Chocolate Artesanal (Ecuador) - Organic chocolate bar with cacao pulp
es koyama (Japan) - Praline Takuan (pickled radish)
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) - Honey Caramel Orange
AGAPEY CHOCOLATE FACTORY (Barbados) - Coconut Rum Caramel

Milk chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

Askinosie Chocolate (United States) - 62% Dark Milk Chocolate + Fleur de Sel
Cacao Kenkyusho (Japan) - Milk Chocolate Hojicha
Cacao Kenkyusho (Japan) - Milk chocolate sansho
Endorfin Foods (United States) - Turkish Coffee
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) - Dark Milk with Flor de Sal
Fruition Chocolate Works (United States) - Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Milk
TCHO (United States) - Mokaccino
French Broad Chocolates (United States) - Malted Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces

Jasper and Myrtle (Australia) - Lemon Myrtle and Macadamia Milk Chocolate
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) - Miso and Apple
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) - Sake
Vivra Chocolate (United States) - Chili Crunch Bar
es koyama (Japan) - Japanese Mandarin Orange & Kikaijima-Island White sesame
es koyama (Japan) - 4 Amazonian Fruits & Cacao
es koyama (Japan) - Black soybean flour & Azuki bean + lemon
es koyama (Japan) - Kanpyo (dried gourd shavings) & olive oil
es koyama (Japan) - Narazuke (radish pickled in sake lees)
Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii (United States) - 60% Dark Chocolate with Roasted Cacao Nibs & Hawaiian Coffee

Milk chocolate bars with a filling

308 Chocolate Company (United States) - Hewes Bar
es koyama (Japan) - Narazuke Praline (radish pickled in sake lees) & Mango
es koyama (Japan) - Matcha & Passion Fruit Praline
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) - Yuzu Milk

Flavoured white chocolate bars

Jasper and Myrtle (Australia) - White Chocolate and Sour Cherries
Daito Cacao (Japan) - Wasanbon Kuromame-Kinako
Daito Cacao (Japan) - Naoshichi 100%
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) - Heaven
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) - Gyokuro
Le Chocolat de H (Japan) - Kinkan-Lemon
es koyama (Japan) - Dadachamame (Japanese special beans)
es koyama (Japan) - Black soybean flour & Milk Kintoki (Milk & Azuki)
es koyama (Japan) - Marigold Exotic Ginger
es koyama (Japan) - Real Gyokuro
es koyama (Japan) - Ethiopian Coffee (Blue Nile, Natural ) & Lychee + Raspberry
es koyama (Japan) - Fried Yuba (dried bean curd)
Musée du Chocolat Théobroma (Japan) - Coconut Lime
Madre Chocolate (United States) - Cafe Con Leche
Le Caméléon (Mexico) - White chocolate with flor de Jamaica (hibiscus)
Forte Chocolates (United States) - Rosemary Sea Salt Bar
Forte Chocolates (United States) - Lemon Pepper Bar

Ganaches, palets, ganache pralines and truffles

Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) - Yu
Chocolat du Jour (Brazil) - Dark Chocolate Truffle
Chuao Chocolatier (United States) - The Darkest bonbon
Chocolopolis (United States) - Dominican Republic House Blend Truffle
Chocolopolis (United States) - Madagascar Craft Truffle
Arcay Chocolates (United States) - Sosaya
Arcay Chocolates (United States) - Güere
Arcay Chocolates (United States) - Ocumare
Arcay Chocolates (United States) - Guasare Grand Cru
Truffle Shots (United States) - Dos Primos

Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or truffles

Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) - Sherry Longan
Giovanna Maggiolo Chocolate Artesanal (Peru) - Pisco Truffle
es koyama (Japan) - Ethiopian Coffee (The Blue Nile, Natural) & Honey of Coffee Flower
es koyama (Japan) - Kinmokusei (fragrant olive) & Chanchamayo 63%
Garcia Nevett (United States) - Anis y Papelon
Compania de Chocolates (Argentina) - Yerba Mate Bombon
Compania de Chocolates (Argentina) - Walnut and Amarula
NETO Chocolate (United States) - Blood orange praline
Forte Chocolates (United States) - Cherry Almond Truffle
Truffle Shots (United States) - Smoke + Coconut
Truffle Shots (United States) - Macallan Whisky Caramel

Flavoured milk chocolate ganaches or truffles

es koyama (Japan) - Kenyan Coffee (Kainamui) & Chanchamayo 48%
es koyama (Japan) - Shoyu Nouveau (Soy sauce & Pedro Ximénez)
es koyama (Japan) - Taiwanese Kiriboshidaikon (dried Japanese radish julienne)
es koyama (Japan) - Fukimiso
es koyama (Japan) - Moromi-mash
Truffle Shots (United States) - Minted Grapefruit

Flavoured white chocolate ganaches or truffles

Giovanna Maggiolo Chocolate Artesanal (Peru) - Ranfañote
Delysia Chocolatier (United States) - White peach balsamic white chocolate truffle
es koyama (Japan) - Gyokuro
es koyama (Japan) - White miso and Sansho (Japanese pepper)
Wolter (Mexico) - Maracuya Bonbon
Compania de Chocolates (Argentina) - Goat milk and Raspberry Jelly
Chocolopolis (United States) - Lemon Lavender Truffle
Forte Chocolates (United States) - Lemon Pepper in White Chocolate
Truffle Shots (United States) - Castelvetrano Olive

Flavoured ganaches or truffles with combination coating or filling

Adriana Baler Chocolatier (United States) - Dulce de leche and cognac bonbon
Yu Chocolatier (Taiwan) - Ginger Raspberry
es koyama (Japan) - Phoenix Oolong Mi Tao Xiong & Mango
es koyama (Japan) - Oriental Fromboise-Lotus tea & framboise (Vietnam 71%)
es koyama (Japan) - Sake lees(one year)
es koyama (Japan) - Panama Coffee (Geisha Natural) & Lychee
Garcia Nevett (United States) - Tulasi
Compania de Chocolates (Argentina) - Dulce de Leche Bombon
Compania de Chocolates (Argentina) - Tangerine and Pink Pepper
Dreams of Eva (Peru) - Orígenes: Piura
Dolce Federica (United States) - Limoncello
Forte Chocolates (United States) - Lemon Pepper Dark Truffle


Nut based pralines with dark chocolate

es koyama (Japan) - Praline of Burdock and Blackshichimi Pepper
Xocolatl de Davíd (United States) - Bourbon Raleigh Bar

Dark chocolate enrobed marzipan

NETO Chocolate (United States) - Pistachio marzipan praline

Dark chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

Paccari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Cocoa Cacao Beans Banano

Nut based pralines with milk chocolate

es koyama (Japan) - Keraji-Pepper & Keraji Sesame praline
es koyama (Japan) - Rooibos tea & Akajiso (Red Perilla) Praline
es koyama (Japan) - Praline Amazon (4 Amazonian fruits) & Matcha

Milk chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nuts

Vanuato Kakaw (Mexico) - Coffee Moka
Chocolat du Jour (Brazil) - Macadamia Chocolate
Chocolat du Jour (Brazil) - Almond Chocolate


Dark chocolate enrobed caramels

Giovanna Maggiolo Chocolate Artesanal (Peru) - Maras
Chuao Chocolatier (United States) - Dark Passion bonbon
Animas Chocolate Company (United States) - Colorado Cache
Forte Chocolates (United States) - Dark Sea Salt Caramel
Laurie & Sons (United States) - Dark Chocolate Toffee with Fiji Ginger & Blue Poppy Seed

Milk chocolate enrobed caramels

Chocolat du Jour (Brazil) - Caramel & Fleur de Sel / Milk
Theo Chocolate (United States) - Sweet Onion Caramel
Chocolaterie Tessa (United States) - Milk Chocolate Salted Butter Caramel

Others - fruit/sugar/butter/cream/misc

Dark chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelée

Mountain Food (Colombia) - Maracuyá
Mountain Food (Colombia) - Lulo

Dark chocolate enrobed whole fruit

Mountain Food (Colombia) - Banano de Urabá

Milk chocolate enrobed fruit pastes, jellies/gelée

La Goulue Chocolatier (Argentina) - Milk Chocolate tablet filled with Malbec wine


Spreads with milk chocolate

Arcay Chocolates (United States) - Passion Spread
Arcay Chocolates (United States) - Moraberry Spread