Cacaosuyo’s Inca secret wins the world final

Our questions reached the founders of Cacaosuyo in the thick Peruvian jungle. Their Piura Milk became the best in competition overall winner in the milk/origin bar categories at our 2021-22 World Final with a score of 89.8/100.

Awards: Can you tell us something about this particular bar, about the cacao and its creation.  

Cacaosuyo: Cacaosuyo began by investing in knowledge before machines because we had set out to make the best posible chocolate with cacao from Peru. At that time we had heard about this amazing white cacao in Piura and decided to start there, but to gain knowledge we added Gladys Ramos from Venezuela to our team (2012). That was a great investment. 

We had started with our pure 70% Piura Select in our first year making chocolate (2013), but in 2014 when we finally had our own melanger, we began testing milk with our Amazonas cacao and Piura White. The Piura gave us an amazing caramel flavor with 50% cacao that gave it a particularly good balance. 

Awards: The Piura Milk bar has vanilla grown in the Peruvian jungle. Tell us about this vanilla and your decision to include it in the recipe?

Cacaosuyo: Just as cacao has its genetic center of origin in Peru, vanilla has its genetic center of origin in Mexico and this Peruvian grower of vanilla brought its seeds from Mexico. We try to use all ingredients possible from our home country. 

Awards: What does winning this award mean to you?

Cacaosuyo: This is the most prestigious award in the world of chocolate and for us, it is Particularly special to win Golds in milk and dark bars because we realize that these are what can be used for most other chocolate creations. 

This award gives us tremendous satisfaction because we have always been working to make the best possible chocolate with Peruvian cacao. 

Awards: Where are your chocolates sold now, where might this bar be available?

Cacaosuyo: Our bars are available in many parts of the world. Europe, United States, UK, China, Japan and more. Of course Peru as well. 

Awards: Do you have any plans for Cacaosuyo that you would like to tell us about?

Cacaosuyo: In our continued work directly with farmers, we recently organized and participated with Seattle Chocolate Company in the donation of a full post harvest facility to a small coop in a new cacao region. We have done this similar work at every origin that we work in. It is exciting for us to be able to offer what we believe will be very flavorful bars from the native cacaos of the  Junín region. 


Lima, Peru